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Welcome to Almost Relevant Transmuted, a podcast, blog, and community where we delve down any rabbit hole, no matter how deep. This is a home for everything nerdy, geeky, and, somewhat relevant to you. 

Podcast Goals and Vision

Almost Relevant Transmuted is a variety show to the full extent of the definition! The original Almost Relevant Podcast covered topics such as Creative Thinking, Education in the world today, the Lucas Arts/Disney craziness, BDSM, and so much more!

With such a variety of topics, our goal is  simple: To provide entertainment and information across many topics on many levels. Stay tuned to see all the rabbit holes we go down!


Our Story

It all started in late 2014 when Jeremy Collier finally saw his passion project podcast come to life, The Almost Relevant Podcast. The topics were vast, content interesting, and guests intriguing. While the first run of the show with Co-Host Elliott only lasted 20 episodes, the dream of the podcast never died. 

Then, when it felt as if the podcast was dead, that the Almost Relevant Podcast was, indeed, no longer relevant, along came a cat…I mean along came Cat, the new Co-Host! While the topics are similar and no topic is off limit, Cat lends a brand new perspective, one very unique to her life experiences, something that is a contrast to Jeremy. 

New Episodes Bi-Monthly

Released Every Other Thursday

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Meet The Hosts

Jeremy Collier

Jeremy Collier


Self proclaimed Jack-Of-All-Trades, Jeremy has been involved in blogging and web design since he was 16, and has been podcasting since 2009. He is also a published author and the founder of SPD StoryStudio, a marketing and book publishing company that focuses on storytelling as a way to build and grow a community. He is also the host of Knights of the Video Game Table Podcast and the Storyteller’s Mindset Podcast.

Cat Longno

Cat Longno


While new to the podcasting world, Cat has jumped in with enthusiasm and a love of everything nerdy and geeky in her own right. She may not be the first co-host for the Almost Relevant Podcast, but she’s already come a long way. In her daily life, she’s an accountant, health nut, and fitness freak with a passion for life.

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